May 15, 2019
Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Visa Approval Letter Explained

Many people choose the option of getting a Visa On Application (VOA) for their trip to Vietnam. They are then able to board the aircraft and pick up the Visa when they arrive at one of Vietnam’s international airports.

To be able to do this, they also need to apply for and receive the official Visa Approval Letter before they go. There are two types of visa approval letter:

1. A approval shared letter: Your name will be on the letter along with up to 30 other names, most of whom you won’t even know. This means that each of those people will have received the same letter. The advantage is that this is a much cheaper version, but some people feel it lacks privacy. If this is you, go for version (b) below.

Shared approval letter

Version A Letter (shared)

2. A confidential letter of approval: This letter will have only your name on it. It could also have the names of your family or other traveling companions if you request it, but no stranger’s names. This will cost a little more.

Confidential approval letter

Version B Letter (confidential)

What To Do With The Letter

You must print out the whole letter preferably in color if possible, but it’s ok if you only have a monochrome printer. Make sure you take it with you. Some airlines will ask to see it and it will be an essential part of the process of getting your visa once you get to Vietnam’s international airport, so must be presented at the VOA desk along with your passport.


It’s quite easy to get your important Visa on Arrival when traveling to Vietnam, but you do need to ensure you have the correct documents with you first and this will take some organizing ahead of time. The three documents you will need are: Your original passport.

When traveling to Vietnam it is necessary to apply for and receive a visa approval letter beforehand. Once you have this essential document in your pocket you can head on over to the Visa on Arrival desk that is available in each of Vietnam’s international airports as soon as you arrive.

The Vietnamese Immigration Department offers several types of visa to foreigners who visit Vietnam, including the popular Visa On Arrival (VOA). However, the only way you can access this Visa is to apply for a visa approval letter from the above department.

Disclaimer: This website is not a government one and we are not affiliated with the embassy. We are in business to help and support those who need to get a visa for Vietnam.